Undated Departing Notes

Here are a collection of undated messages posted by UPI staffers who were laid off or otherwise left the company. These (some out of sequence) were provided by Unipresser Emery Jeffreys. There are no dates provided on most, but some are from 1989 and some from 1990:

sou buros: pardon me if I'm sentimental, but today eye take my leave of upi and a host of friends and colleagues. it has been truly a labor of love for these past three years with enough memories for a lifetime. As Lyndon johnson said, eye leave with a heavy heart. but eye can't go without a word of thanks to the folks in aj, ra, ca, rv, nv and all the other buos who helped me over the months in the shank of the evening when reads were hard to come by. eye will never forget your dedication and your professionalism. if you will indulge me, there are a couple of lines from an old song "The minstrel show" that have haunted me for the past couple of weeks since eye got the big overniter. They go, "the money and the crowd ran out before we reached the next town, "this old show has played its last run, and rung the curtain down," "Don't know where we'll go from here, come tonight I just don't care, "maybe we'll go to a better place, and the minstrel show'll be there, "Lay me down, Carolina, lay me down, don't wanna wake up in the morning no more, "sing me one slow, sad song for this one last old time before they close, the minstrel show." Now, as Sammy Davis Jr. would say, "We're going to take one more look at the body, then we're going to close the lid." Adios. mauldin-ct
mauldin-ct One never says goodbye to an old friend. say good bye only when its permanent. So, eye'll just say see you later. My best wishes for Mister South Carolina. I wish only the best to you and your bride... even tho she is a clemson fan. doug, upi's been a good old fiddle, but i believe she's playing her last tune... as we know it. so mebbe it's best we're moving on cause the lid's a closin. I appreciate all the help you've given me. real unipressers land on their feet. eye know you will. See you satty. come thirsty. jeffreys- ra
mauldin-ct eye've been sitting here for 15 minutes trying to think of something clever, consoling or just downright angry to say about the fact that your tenure with upi has come to an abrupt end. but eye guess the bottom line is that it's been one of the true pleasures of my life to have worked with you and to have been able to call you my friend. fortunately, no layoff can change the latter. here's hoping that your next priority assignment is one that's worthy of you. chrs and best wishes. newman-ca
newman-ca: brant, kind words which eye appc. we wuz the dynamic duo in ca weren't we? as a gamecock fan, eye have learned how to lose, gracefully at times, not at others. take care and will be in touch. mauldin-ct
jeffreys-ra: emery, you old scutter. mene thnx. will commisirate more next week. til then. making final approach. looks like a perfect landing. thnx for everything. mauldin-ct ra, ca (mould-aj) eye don't want to suggest uncle dougie wasn't gracious about leaving last night, but this morning the upi nameplate was missing from the front door and in its place was a sign reading "UPI - funeral will be announced." - preston- ct
preston-ct< gm and thnx. you taking the bakkers with you? trott-ntl
trott-ntl u ever read sartre's 'no exit'? like the character in that book, eye think my personal hell when eye die will to be in a room with no doors, locked up for eternity with jim and tammy bakker. eye'll lust after him, she'll lust after me and he'll have the hots for some guy who isn't there. and no, eye'm not even leaving them a forwarding address. chrs. - preston-ct
buros greets. tdy's music trivia quiz brot to u by a behest frm art frederick-me: who played the guitar solos on b.j. thomas's "rock and roll lullaby" et nancy sinatra's "these boots are made for walking"? who played the guitar solo on donovan's "sunshine superman"? wot movie wuz originally entitled "eight arms to hold you"? who wuz ellen naomi cohen? whi are the only two rock groups to have three or more of its members reach the billboard top 40 with solo hits? keef hartley replaced whom as the drummer in the group rory storm and the hurricanes? george harrison wuz found guilty of plagiarism in 1976 on charges he copied ronald mack's "he's so fine," made popular by the chiffons, when he penned "my sweet lord". who owns the publishing rights to "he's so fine"? watsky-bg sez he's the final judge in case of disputes.< dias-nxf
preston-ct tnx skedline. another generation to threaten the airwaves. chr cash/ra.
all: from yesterday's file: One of those on Sunday's flight, Khalid Abdu, 28, a Milwaukee resident whose parents live in Kuwait, said he was happy to be back in the United States where people are "not dangerous and there is law and order." rosso-wa
buros the rite answers to tdy's music trivia quiz, in order: duane eddy. george harrison. "help." mama cass elliot. the beatles and fleetwood mac. ringo starr. george harrison. rgds dias-nxf
Unipressers: I have been with United Press International for more than 5 years and during those 2,059 days (give or take) it has been my great privilege to work with some of the most gifted journalists in the business. UPI survived the past couple of years on the grit, unwavering dedication and sheer talent of its staffers - despite several idiotic managerial moves that made the job increasingly difficult. I'll cherish my vivid memories of the good times and wish only the best for those who remain. Goodbye and God bless. rgds, chrs et 73s. Steve Arters-da (cw)
willis-ajtech (pls save for) the bewitching hour approaches, the coach just turned into a pumpkin, the horses are now mice and eye can't find my glass slipper. be a prince and call when you get in, pls. - preston-ct
unipressers after two decades of helping to kick rox where it hurt the most - the logs - it's time for this ol' cowboy to ride off into the sunset, saddlebags bulging with clips and fond memories of sharing America's Wire Service with the greatest wordsmiths around the globe. elitits we were indeed - journalism's answer to the bronx bombers, the big red machine, doomsday defense, etc. when it came to speed, clarity and polish, grandma's geeks were always gasping for breath. may tt spirit endure forever, as long as there's a nd to report the news. god bless and best wishes to all, logging out in west virginia, mannix (cw) porterfield
porterfield-cw roxes ungot a clue about wot this all about. tts scary isn't it. as u ride into the sunset stay away from rum creek and coal miners. jeffreys-ra
jeffreys-ra: if this downholder's thing is going to get more than r rated, eye'll have to cancel out. eyem just not used to rock and rolling. a little mud wrestling, maybe. but not that. thnx. mauldin-ct
buros, esp those with staffers departing today dennis o'shea wont be in until 11p tni but called in to ask that a msg be sent on his behalf. to those caught in the vortex, he appreciates yr efforts and wishes you the best of luck. trott-ntl
unipressers i feel like young willie keefe, the last captain of the caine, as i take upi's battered nk buro into mothballs after 80-odd (very odd) years in nj's largest city - now reduced to a "one-person outpost in a less populous region." after today, the buro that covered the lindbergh kidnapping trial, mayor frank "i am the law" hague and baby m will be gone, and so will i. my 5 years on the upi merry-go-round have been sometimes stomach-churning, but i always knew i was working with a group of people who wud do anything that wasn't immoral, unethical or fattening to get the job done. those of us in the trenches know that we did our best. and, like tiny tim said, god help us every one. chrs, burns-nk.
unipressers as i prepare to walk out of upi-dx for the last time today, one day short of my 51st birthday, it's startling to realize tt nearly half of tt time has been spent here. most of the past quarter century has been fulfilling and rewarding, and i've had the extreme good fortune to work with the finest wordsmiths in the world. to all those (too numerous to mention) who have helped me thru the years, my heartfelt thanks. to those who remain, my most sincere best wishes. pls keep the company afloat so the severance checks continue. godspeed and slainte mhath (good health) to u all. cannon-dx
to everyone leaving today it has been MY pleasure to work with you lo these many years. i'm going to miss the crazy messages, the dedication of you all out there trying to run things down for ohio. but we all are survivors in one way or another. i wish you all the best of luck, and most of all, keep in touch with someone still here. latimer (a.k.a sandlot) cz
unipressers 25 years is a generation. I'm lucky. I leave still young, looking straight ahead. I only regret there will be no more datelines signed By GERALD KOPPLIN on the newspaper wires and no more GPK on broadcast. The best to all of you. May this great outfit survive! 73'ers. kopplin-ms
unipressers 8 years, 3 months and 23 days of treading the boards for upi ends today and i finally get the hook. There are too many people, present and past, to thank by name so i'll thank u all en masse for allowing another madman into ur midst. u don't have to be crazy to work for upi, but it helps, and i'm just crazy enough that i'll miss u. if ur ever in ar, feel free to look me up - 206-367- 9418, or in the yellow pages under "Downholders." If ur in Amsterdam, go to the Bulldog and ask for the loony amerikaner. ** user logged out of server **. let the living begin, marc mcfarland-ar
unipressers I've rewritten this msg 20 times in my head the last two weeks. I've tried variations on blasting the powers that be, schmaltzy recollections of the tear-jerker moments, and allusions to the fragrance of sea air as the deck chairs are rearranged and the band players Nearer My God to Thee. It's difficult to choose which would be most appropriate. The good things about UPI and its people strongly outweigh the bad, however, and I will always remember it fondly and proudly claim the right to call myself a Unipresser. UPI lifted me from the trenches of obscure small dailies in obscure small towns. It doubled the money I was making. It gave me the chance to cover George Bush, Michael Dukakis, Jesse Jackson, Richard Nixon, Mike Tyson, Donald Trump and more governors and legislators than eye can recall - all in three years. UPI helped me make many friends, both among Unipressers and those I covered. There were moments I'll never forget: the time Paul Kern-NAP (laid off last year) et eye tried to sell UPI to Donald Trump at a Casino Control Commission meeting. "I'm a rich man. Do you seriously believe I got rich buying companies like UPI?" Then there was the time Kern et eye were covering a riot in Perth Amboy et kid pulled a gun on us. Kern slammed the guy against the wall, screamed "You're busted!" and found the gun was plastic. I could go on and on, but then UPI told me to wright tight, bright, tonight. But there's one parting thought to be shared by all of us who have left before, who are leaving today, and will leave in the next few weeks and months (if it lasts that long): Yea though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we fear no evil. We have worked for UPI and lived to write about it. Logging off. chrs et rgds. shearman-trc
unipressers It's been a few days shy of a year between my first and last days at UPI. But in recent Fridays the message wire has carried a glimpse of what United Press International meant to so many people -- and what has been done to the company. I carefully filled out my census form this year... so I guess I'd better contribute to an accurate farewell count here. Good luck to all and thanks to anyone who corrected (thank God) and shortened (mostly) my copy. I'll remember this year. cheers, and goodbye. McGettigan-tr.
all new downholders too many names, too little time. been a pleasure working with all of u et a shame yer names will no longer grace the wires. best of luk to all of u. 73s. debevec-ms-ws-cw-wb-fy-sv
unipressers Dear hearts: So many Unipressers are getting off this rollercoaster in the next few days, and I am joining you. Naturally, our last days here are occassioned by strong emotions. Some of us are angry, some sad, some nostalgic. As for me, I can find nothing but respect for UPI, for all of you who are leaving and for those we leave behind. Since 1907 Unipressers around the world have been fighting a righteous battle. We've kept the rest of the media honest, pushed the opposition to its limits. We were not just as good as Grandma - we were a hell of a lot better. UPI has treated me exceedingly well. I got to cover wonderful stories and interview great American heroes as well as absolute scalawags. Most of all I am exceedingly proud to have worked with the best reporters, editors and photographers in the world. The pleasure was all mine. - preston-ct
preston-ct: gud luck et sorry doug beat u to the sign. gl-rv
preston-ct momma. thnks for giving me a chance to ride the roller coaster. i wouldn't trade it for anything in this world. i wouldn't even trade it for a job. the job will come later. you gave me a chance to do something most news people never a chance to do... chase after the big ones. you gave me confidence that i didn't kno i had and for tt i am forever gratreful, june. eye wish you the best. may god bless you. jeffreys-ra
preston-ct june: 'don't go ... we all love ya,' so said the lion with his new found courage. keeping on the yellowbrick road motif, if you ever go looking for your heart's desire and upi is still kicking come back and tape all those sweet farewells to your tube. stay in touch et tnx fer everything. chr cash/ra.
preston-ct the upi training manual, if such a thing existed, could have been condensed to one sentence: watch june preston and do what she does. eye have always considered it a "priority assignment" to work with you, and upi will not be the same without you. eye can only hope that our paths will cross again. best wishes for the future. newman-ca
preston-ct it was a pleasure working with you at the wheeling, w.va., news register, a decade ago and a pleasure here at upi. good luck, june. rgds, mcnickle-ps
preston-ct june, our paths dint cross much in my 10 yrs with u-p-i, but eye certainly enjoyed reading ur jim-et-tammy stuff as well as ur other efforts. ur farewell msg only underlines the classy reputation u maintained. knowing tt true pros like urself exist makes this endeavor truly worthwhile. eye kin only wish u the very best, ever. saudades dias-nxf
preston-ct farewell and good luck, june. you were and are a class act. don't let jesse out of your sights. rosso-wa
preston-ct, thnx for all ur help, all ur hard work, all ur wry jokes. wishing u the very best and that u'll stop in some time for a cold beer. stutzman-or
preston-ct gud luk & best wishes, june. ur departure is one reason we detest upi's black fridays. chrs, sielicki-tl (aka slick)
preston-ct june, you are very much wrong on one point -- the last. a great deal of the pleasure was ours, those of us who had a chance to work with you. you've epitomized what's best about upi and you'll be sorely missed. chrs -- burnett/sm
preston-ct june, ur still my secret love, no matter how many lies eye may hv told in the meantime, & regret only tt u never got to interview me in either category (pgh5). best wishes, et eye still hope to meet u some day. - witcher-ko
preston-ct a fighting gentlewoman to the end. you never cease to amaze me. carr-ntl
preston-ct a class farewell from a classy lady. u will be sorely missed. good luck in whatever ur next endeavor may be, and god bless. one question, who gets custody of jim and tammy? ramsey-ft
preston-ct bye, take care, and good luck. griffin-aj
preston-ct vaya con dios, chica. trott-ntl
preston-ct june, it saddens me to see your goodbye message. i know these have been tough times in the carolinas, as elsewhere, and my heart is still with those of you i worked with down there. as a veteran of the 'ptl campaign' and other memorable carolina news events, i want to say it was rewarding working for you. thanks for all you taught me in atlanta and columbia. i wish you good luck and all the best in the future. cheers. craig-wa (by way of ca).
Preston-CT June, you are a class act. You always went the extra mile in news coverage, client services and even in sales. Thanks for the contributions; too many to recount and too many to repay. Good luck with the new work. cheers.< Geimann-NX
preston-ct you're going out with class, kid. you done real good and we're going to miss you very much. love and kisses. mullen-nx
preston-ct: gud luck et sorry doug beat u to the sign. gl-rv
preston-ct june, enjoy ur stay with the apple-knockers upstate. all the best. burns-nk.
preston-ct although i never met you, ur name has bn one of the stalwarts of the wire. best of luck in the future. abbott-wa
preston-ct it's hard to say goodbye to so many good ppl. wish u all the best in the future. 73s, milewski-hf
preston-ct won't be the same around her without you, june. i'll miss seeing ur byline on stories and i'm sure the bakkers, those imps, will miss you too! much good luck to you. silvassy-wasp
preston-ct Eye'm sorry, but the pleasure was notnot all yours. There was a good deal of it among those of us who worked with you. And eye'm sure as hell gonna miss ya, even if you do misspell the same word tt eye do. Pls peruse dwh51 et put together a caravan. Good luck et 73s.--wieck-da
watsky-bg eye thot u had another wk, mayes-x has until next friday. this place woan be the same without u. eye rmbr taking ur stringer calls back in 1985 (din u call with the stri abt the president or some riverboat colliding with barge at bg, all the rich folx in their fancy clothes hving to abandon ship?). how abt the vicious msg exchanges with keenan-kp in the 86-87 era? read martin, laid off in x last month, on his way to ne tdy for friend's wedding. eye told him to stop in canal st. buo if he had time, doan know if he will. wish eye cld attend ur farewell bash, promise if eye ever make it back to la.-land eye'll look u up et buy u a dixie et some mudbugs. meanwhile, drink a few for me tonite. rgds--whitworth-x
watsky-bg the only good thing about your leaving is yo} sure know how to say goodbye. better never, never forgotten. the world to you. rosso-wa
watsky-bg macy's window, buddy. eye'll see u arnd the campus. whenever u get too blue, remember ur leatherfaced frend in nxf et kno he wudn't hv missed it fer the world. saudades< dias-nxf
watsky-bg tt can't be topped-- will there be subtitles for witcher? best of luck et hope to use the coupon. rgds. musinski-kp
watsky-bg< i only understood half of what you said but laughed at it all. go with god, or whoever. reynolds-ntl
watsky-bg tnx for enlivening what promises to be a really depressing day. and many, many tnx for the sometimes astonishing level of energy u put into ur efforts on this company's behalf. all our best. chrs. - o'shea-ntl
watsky-bg-ne u nailed it man. so long from this end of the mighty miss. chrs. debevec-ms- cw-fy-sv-wb
watsky-bg< get some rest, joe pete. you deserve/need it. good luck. trott-ntl
watsky-bg (dsd4) certainly makes perfect sense to me, tho it does seem to hv a hole in the middle where eye clipped the coupon. 73. - witcher-ko
watsky-bg< best of luck to you in only state in nation where it's virtually impossible to get a bad meal, judging by my brief ventures to it. abbott-wa
watsky-bg can't even begin to match ur eccentric eloquence, but suffice it to say u and all departing souls will be sorely be missed. eye fear the rest of us may have no audience when it comes time for the big g-bye. chrs. kolberg-wasci
watsky-be hey, we cudda used you up in new eng, where zz top once reigned, where the baz once roamed, where fighting the odds and stiffing rox brought smiles to all, except rox. Good luck. haskell bh
watsky-bg< good luck in the real world .... timmons-sen
watsky-bg considering who may give a bigfatratzass&whomaynot, eye think eye'll go along with my incompetent republican (or is tt redundant?) congressman. rgds. - witcher-ko
watsky-bg-ne steve, ur one of the best 12-year-old reporters I've ever worked with. glad to see ur leaving with a smile - or more like some wild guffaws - and a job. eyem sure ur old buddies at marine shale are thrilled to learn u gonna be with attorney general. good luck. lobsenz-wa
watsky-bg congratulations! your farewell msg stands a good chance of surviving in upi lore as the most bizarre, festive and unique of all time. good luck, my friend. 73. - carmichael-wa
watsky-lsd wherever you go, whatever you do, please remember a camel will fit through the eye of a needle easier if it is lightly greased. what's the frequency kenneth? ahoooooo! ahoooooo! delgiudice-$$$
watsky-bg best of everything and always remember what jack kerouac said the first time he tried psilocybin: "Walking on water wasn't built in a day." - mccormally-wa
watsky-bg yep, that msg should go into the upi pantheon of famous goodbyes, right up there with "hours too long, pay too little, life to short," (or something like that) memorialized in "deadline every minute." all the best. reske-scotus.
watsky-bg-ne for anyone who can make us laugh and wipe away the tears, you've got to be the greatest. good luck to you and make sure you have addresses of all your good upi friends. we should start planning reunions. latimer (still alive in) cz
watsky-bg-ne eye haven't been at upi too many years et was not here for the last mega- round of layoffs, but eye can't imagine a better goodbye msg. may the force be with u. rgds. nichols-ar
watsky-bg And you were the one I was always told I had to meet (unless that was you at the Chateau Motor Hotel bar seven drunks and a wrong turn on IH-10 ago). Best of luck. That was one four-star farewell. haines-al
watsky-bg u know this happening because all the infotech junque bonds are coming due. jeffreys-ra
watsky-ne (goodbye) steve, donno whether i shud laugh or cry, so i'll do a bit of both when i tip a cold one in southerly fashion. btw, ur cast notes forgot to mention flowers by irene. chrs et gud luck, sielicki-tl aka slick-tl
watsky-bg I agree with your wierd list of former La. unipressers, but could add a few more including Trosclair, Harvey, Cocke and James -- the crew that handled Jim Garrison's Kennedy killin. It was a boozed up Harvey who got fired after telling Nx desk to stop bugging NE the nite Pixy broke Garrison story. LBA just happened to be having their convention that satty nite. I was busy with hs scores. Hate to see u go, but it ain't bad working for the cat who owns the best little eatin place in the Crescent City. cheers. james-jk
all: following msg crops up in the midst of today's farewell missives: "won't be tracking down study. have no staff to do it. we'll just have to do without." rosso-wa
preston-ct jeez, june .... lai-waftus
unipressers ok, it's my turn. i've rewritten this message a hundred times in the past few weeks. What it comes down to is that no matter how many more employees or clients the other outfits have, none ever have had or ever will have a finer group of staffers. you are what has always made UPI a special company (and why i've quit twice before and come back). whether you're staying with UPI or leaving, the best of luck to you. to the many friends i've made: if you ever head toward virginia, there'll always be a light on and welcome mat out for you at our house. 73s, lai-waftus
preston-ct hey lady, wot gud is it getting me off the fone if urs if forwarded to raleigh?? lai-waftus
UNIPRESSERS: (Ever notice how the ledes on these msgs are always the same?) This is my last day at UPI. No tears, pls. One week to the day after learning of my termination, I got another job with a big pay raise. I guess UPI should have fired me sooner. But I guess this is the time for tears for UPI. The war is over. We lost. I first walked into the Boston UPI bureau in 1965, on Boston's old Newspaper Row. I was 18, a copy boy at a client paper. I was overwhelmed by the racket from the teletypes and by the streams of blue-black carbon paper spilling from the big metal wastebaskets. The place smelled like Chinese food and photo chemicals. It was meyhem. I loved it. I still do. I've worked twice for UPI. The first time was from 1969 until 1977, and this second tour began in 1985. The spirit of the place has never changed, even now when UPI is a frail shadow of what it once was. UPI is the Elvis of the news business -- a wild, huge talent "repackaged" and "repositioned" by a succession of Colonel Parkers. Elvis died because they wouldn't let him rock 'n roll anymore. We're dying for the same reason. 73s. Frederick-me