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Following pictures courtesy of Tom Foty:


Allan Papkin, Helen Thomas, Phyllis Papkin


Richard Gross, Helen Thomas


Helen Thomas, Tom Gauger


Helen Thomas, Doug Levy


Helen Thomas, Carl Warner


Helen Thomas, Tom Foty (Dave Rosso in background)


Allan Papkin, Helen Thomas


Ron Cohen, Ira Allen, Helen Thomas


More of the same.


And still more.


Bernie Brenner, Ron Cohen, Helen Thomas


Helen Thomas and object of her admiration.


NO Questions from Helen Thomas!


Good times being had.


Ron Cohen


Linda Werfelman, Jim Atherton, Gary Haynes, John Milne, Amy Worden, Lisa Milne, Roberta Wax, Allan Papkin, Bernie Brenner


Gary Haynes, Stan Stearns


Carolyn Peterson, Bobbie Ulrich


Camille Bohannon (in background), Tom Ackerman, Richard Gross


Tom Ackerman, Richard Gross


Ron Cohen, Denis Gulino


Tom Ferraro, Denis Gulino


Tobin Beck


Tobin Beck, Allan Papkin


John Milne


Lewis Lord, Dave Wiessler, Bill Trott


Bernie Brenner, Allan Papkin


Audio / Radio people:

Camille Bohannon, Craig Smith


Craig Smith, Roger Norum


Bill Ketter, Stan Stearns


Don Fulsom


Tom Gauger and Camille Bohannon


Ron Cohen, Bob Fuss, Bill Trott


Magda (mother of Tom) Foty, Donna (Mrs. Denis) Gulino, Denis Gulino


Tom Foty, Magda Foty, Donna Gulino


Don Fulsom. Roger Norum, Denis Gulino


Don Fulsom. Roger Norum, Denis Gulino


Randi (Mrs. Roger) Norum, Don Fulsom


Roger Norum, Denis Gulino


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