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Welcome to The Downholders, a free site intended to preserve the history and lore of United Press International and its predecessor agencies, United Press and International News Service, their alumni (the Downholders), and the people who still work there.

D-Day - a ten-minute audio clip of wire stories being read right off various agency machines in the early hours of D-Day.

Teletype Sound -  A 4-minute clip from a 1958 recording of a bank of teletype machines in the radio newsroom at station CBU, Vancouver, Canada.  The main machine is the UPR 7552 circuit ex HXR. The machines are all model 15-RO. To PLAY, LEFT-click on the link. To DOWNLOAD, RIGHT-click HERE (or on "Teletype Sound" above) ... and follow instructions to "SAVE LINK AS" ... Courtesy, Loyd Bulmur.

United Press March - The story of the  agency march, with mp3 audio of two recorded versions.

GALLOWAY - Joe Galloway on 2008 book tour.

WIRESPEAK - The 1997 book on "cablese" and wire service codes and jargon by Richard Harnett, founder of the "-95-" newsletter and the Downhold Wire listserv. This is a scan of the entire 174 page book, courtesy of Joyce Harnett. Because of the file size (about 22 megs), it is more recommended for a download than online reading. To download, RIGHT-CLICK on the link above and follow the "SAVE LINK AS" instructions.

Prague Aug. 1968- A promotional booklet published by UPI to show how a number of client newspapers played the UPI coverage of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia on the night of Aug. 29-21, 1968. This is a scan of the entire 30-page booklet.

The United Press- In 1974, Lewis Lord found a copy of the 1933 Fortune Magazine article by famed poet/writer Stephen Vincent Benet and H.L. Stevenson, Lord, and Bill Lyon had it reprinted in booklet form for Unipressers everywhere. Unfortunately, this copy sustained some water damage from a leaky roof, but it is completely legible.

October 24, 2007 NewsWorld/UPI Media Conference

October 5, 2007 bash in honor of Helen Thomas

Covering Senator Joseph McCarthy (PDF file from Al Spivak)

March 4, 2005 Downhold Club Tribute to Lucien Carr

Bob Lowry's "Trail of Tears" UPI History Pages

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